We are back to new technology update. Sorry guys long time didn’t update anything. Back to out title, 1MalaysiaIPTV. So, what is it?

Roughly, what is IPTV? IPTV is the abbreviation of Internet Protocol where it is the Internet television services using the internet and the broadband internet access are way better and more advanced if compared to the previous technology that still using the radio frequency broadcast, satellite signal, or the cable television formats.

Normally IPTV are divided into 3 main types. That are:-

  1. Live Television
  2. Time-shifted programming
  3. Video on Demand (VOD)

This is one of the example or the main topic for this post, 1MalaysiaIPTV. This website are being categories under the live television. Basically, those who are study overseas and looking for the Malaysian TV, here’s the best solution that are available for the mean time. What are you waiting for? Log on to http://www.1malaysiaiptv.com and get the access right now. Same goes to local student that don’t have TV in their house, so you can use it yea. Or maybe to everyone who don’t have TV, you may use it as well. What can I say, me like it!

*still under beta testing.
**few link are not yet available

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  • samanosuke_04 April 21, 2011  

    wow, nice info… very useful for oversea student like me maa.. hahaha

  • Hamdi April 21, 2011  

    but it is currently under construction. wait and see for the next updates of the site. i tried before, running smoothly.

  • ASP .net Host May 3, 2011  

    Hamdi, “The site coming along, under construction” Are you changing it, looks like its running smoothly. How is this semester going?

  • Hamdi May 3, 2011  

    I have no idea on the site coz it’s not belong to me.

    Semester? Running on the right track with the 9 subjects. I’m partially crazy coz having 9 subjects in a semester. What about you?

  • Faris May 12, 2011  

    Wow! Awesome sungguh sharing kali ni tapi website 1Malaysia IPTV ni masih dalam under construction…

  • Hamdi May 12, 2011  

    itu lah. tak tau kenapa. hari tuh try boleh je. streaming tv3 sangat smooth.

  • Cherylene Lee June 14, 2011  

    I am actually trying to source who is behind this IPTV…. which company, contact etc.. anybody knows?


  • Hamdi June 14, 2011  

    I have no idea Cherylene. Why not you try this link http://www.1malaysiaiptv.com/contact.php and ask them. Cause they didn’t state any information in their website.

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