2 days (Foundation Sem 2)

As you know, my class is started yesterday that is Monday. What happened on Monday? Like usual. I got class with Miss Janet that is Fundamental of Internet Technology and Principles of Economics with Miss Faizah. Nothing happened to much cause the lecturer just brief the course and give us the module outline. Today I got class with Miss Noris, lecturer for Principles of Programming LogicĀ  & Design. That’s the things. Nothing else. What a bored life. Hopefully I can scored all those subject. I like with Internet Technology subejct. Feels like easy to me. The best things here is i need to do the website as the assignment for internet technology. Yahoo!!! Can I do it?

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  • syia July 24, 2008  

    uwaa..buat website pasal apa?

  • Hamdi July 24, 2008  

    entah la
    kena tunggu assignment lol
    syia nak tolong buat ker?

  • khai July 25, 2008  

    aku nak tolong.. tapi syarat belanja aku eskem hari2.. hahaha

  • Hamdi July 25, 2008  

    kalo macam ni, aku sanggup keluar dengan beruk (iklan celcom)… :)
    ok boss! aku sanggup belanja ko makan ice cream…

  • Mqdd July 26, 2008  

    wawa, best siot, hha, musti ko da terel html/php kan.

  • Mqdd July 26, 2008  


  • Hamdi July 26, 2008  

    kalo terer, dah lama aku tido ngan goyang kaki aje
    skang nih ngah takut
    tengok la dulu class tuh macam mana :(

  • azleah October 15, 2008  

    hello hamdi. is it okay to take this foundation study? i think i’m a bit too late to enter this course but since i feel i’m quite dissapointed with my law foundation, i’ve discussed with my parents that i want to do something related to internet and multimedia. or, perhaps i can further bachelor degree without have to finish any foundations programmes in LUCT?

  • Hamdi October 17, 2008  

    So, about your question, I don’t think that you’re too late to do the foundation. Not too bad the foundation courses. Let’s take example of the building. Could you imagine the strength of the building if the foundation are not good?? It’s a really important courses for you. So, I suggest you to take the foundation first then continue your studies (degree)…. Because without foundation, you cannot proceed to degree unless you already did the foundation at another place or you have any equivalent to skip the foundation courses. So, any idea on it? Wanna join LUCT? give me a call…. I’ll make the appoinment for you if you want too (if i’m having a free time)…

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