August 2008

Limkokwing Entrepreneurs Club

Sorry for not updating the blog. For the mean time, I quite busy with my assignment and the quiz. What can I say, bye bye to blog. Wahaha. So, on the August 18, 2008, Limkokwing has a new club which is known as Limkokwing Entrepreneurs Club that is a club for students that belongs to Faculty of Business Management and Globalization (FBMG), Faculty of Information Communication Technology (FICT) and Faculty of Communication, Media & Broadcasting (FCMB). What else about this club? Hurm, aaaa… I’m not sure about it. What I know is we need to wear formal every Monday until die. Tomorrow never die boss! Wahahahaha…

Welcome back CGYHost


Anyone know about CGYHost?
I think, there are many people that are angry with this company. But why? Because of the server down? Should you angry with it? Should I? The main point I’m writing this post is to tell all of you about my first blog that still alive and available for humankind to read it again that my old blog. Don’t forget to continue reading my blog from then continue to It’s easy and simple. To CGYHost client, give them another chance to prove that they can give us the best service…



August 8, 2008

What so special about this date? Seems like round shape right? 080808. Hehe… I like this number. What can I say, a number always can be change and it can have a special meaning to us. But for me, there’s no special meaning about this it just the Beijing 2008 Games. I like the opening ceremony. Such a creative and high technology.

Chinese former gymnastics champion Li Ning kindles the cauldron

Chinese former gymnastics champion Li Ning kindles the cauldron


The cauldron of the Beijing Olympic Games is ablaze over the National Stadium

The cauldron of the Beijing Olympic Games is ablaze over the National Stadium

Li Ning (R) lights the cauldron.

Li Ning (R) lights the cauldron.

 Another thing about 080808 is almost one week this blog without update. Such a bored life and busy. Why? I need to do the presentation since last week and this week. The group just like without group. Why? Think by yourself. It just like individual assignment. Haha..! Let it be.. I’m the one who always be the victims. So, what can I say here is bye bye…!

18th birthday?

Birthday Card

On the July 30, 1990, there is a cute little boy that born to the world that is colorful. It was 9.54 am. That cute baby is me. Who? Me? Hamdi the cute boy. Wakakakaka…! Okay guys, I really sorry for not writing about my birthday. What can I say here is please remember the date that is july 30… As you can see, the card is the one that I received from my beloved sister, Adrina. 

As you know, I want my birthday present but no one give me the birthday present. Huwaaaa :”(… What a sad day. 

So many of my friends that wish me thorugh SMS, MMS, e-mail, myspace, friendster and face to face (not a social networking). Such as :

Before the birthday (before July 30)

On the day (July 30)

After the birthday (july 30 onwards)

P/S : Btw, no one give me present right? So, please do so before I’m crying until Cyberjaya gone. Please…