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As you know, our school that is Anderson School Ipoh (SMAI) will celebrate their 100 years early 2009. Early 2008, the OAC and the ASOBA already made the soft-launched for the 100 years of Anderson. Suddenly, I saw a nice logo for the Anderson Prefectorial Board through friendster. The prefect board has launched the logo for the prefect board and the ex-prefect.

What is Anderson School?
Check it out here

I got few information from Shakeel (head prefect), the Anderson will change their name from SMK Anderson to Anderson School Ipoh (ASI). The most important thing is the school song, it going to sing in English, no more Malay song starting this August. Being like old days with the real and the original lyrics. He told me that the Prefectorial Board will having their own flags. What can I here is, make us proud!!! The logo is the first step to make the history with colourful in the future. So, good luck Andersonians!

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  • syia July 21, 2008  

    peerhhh.. flag sendiri lG!!

  • Hamdi July 21, 2008  

    one step ahead lol
    takkan asyik nak kat belakang jew…
    betul tak cik Syia?

  • khai July 24, 2008  

    x patut betul skolah ko ni.. semua nak english, gi open kat london ar.. tiru jejak uncle kita, tan sri lim kok wing… uhuk3…

  • Hamdi July 24, 2008  

    uncle? limkokwing? eyhh, bukan bapak angkat kita ker?? :D
    dia nak kembali kepada asal la….
    kan asal skolah aku tuh skolah inggeris….
    so, back to old days la…

  • hizami July 31, 2008  

    huh.. anderson nak ubah sgalanya.. haha!
    Kalo la plajar2 nye pun leh jd cam dlu2…

  • Hamdi July 31, 2008  

    kalo boleh, apa jadi ekk?

  • Hiposaasa August 9, 2008  

    OOO, Interesting story))

  • Hamdi August 9, 2008  

    Thanks Hiposaasa

  • framestone November 2, 2008  

    go back to old stail

  • Hamdi November 3, 2008  

    yeah boss!

  • kharizs November 15, 2008  

    perghh…skarang prefect kt anderson ader flag n logo sendiri yg baru….jeolous aku time aku jd pengawas tugas khas dulu xder pun

  • Hamdi November 30, 2008  

    okei la tuh
    ada gak tugas khas
    time aku, tugas khas dah tak der aaaa
    aku dapat jadi routine F aje

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