Barcelona vs. Manchester United


Man, Barcelona win! ahaks. Manu lose badly. hahahahahha

nothing to say huh ?

yea ??!

I would like to thanks to Wicked Networks for giving me a chance to watch the Final UEFA cups.


next is, thanks to Streamyx Zone at LUCT which is working and can be use till the late night. yahoooo~ I watch it using the Streamyx Zone at the LUCT Plaza. What a scarry place at night. haha

again, thanks Wicked Networks – the solution for broadcasting yea. Wanna do the streaming events? Click here!

P/s: this is the first time i watch football match in my whole life. btw, i watched it with Sreed and the LUCT security guard, Fendi.

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  • Khai May 29, 2009  

    Peh.. x ajak siot.. sejak bila plak luct amik tahu pasal bola ni? hurmm!! apesal ko nengok kat rumah hantu tu.. apesal x kat hostel yg lebih banyak hantu tu?

    hehehehe!! jeng jeng jeng.. jgn biarkan hidup anda diselebungi, misteriiiiiii ~~~

  • Hamdi May 29, 2009  

    khai, aku tgk kat Plaza ohh
    guna Streamyx Zone
    syiok! laju seyh.

    hostel tak der streamyx zone aaa
    aku tak tau asal ohh
    laptop aku tak leh connect ke Wifi LUCT

    weh, dengar citer ko dah beli hp baru?

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