Blogging? Lazy?

Nama saya Hamdi. Umur saya 19 tahun. Saya sangat cute. Anda percaya?

Hahaha. Damn, why should people trust me on that statement? Would u believe me? Anyone trust me with that statement? Someone should answer me with the truth answer that come from your truly smelly heart.

That’s about the statement, now we change the topic to ‘why Hamdi is terribly lazy to update his blog’?

  • no idea on what should i tell you
  • no idea what should i share with you
  • cause I’m lazy enough to ignore my own lovely blog
  • cause I’m not a true blogger!

Enough on listing? Not really huh? Will continue on the next 100 post! Haha.

So, all of it is not the real reason for me why I lazy to update blog. The main point is I’m lazy. You know that, LAZY!

Life getting weird with weird assignment! Hahaha. Dang, too much of assignment to do. As u know, I took 6 subjects and all the subjects are damn tough as what you see. OMG, anyone can do my assignment? Every week need to show the progress of the assignment. How? No time to blogging I guess. Daily activity, woke up at 8 in the morning, took shower, ready for class and at 9am, go for class.  Daily class finish at 5pm except Thursday, class will finish at 8pm. Tired for the whole day and at night time need to finish up the assignment. Blogging? Will check on time and fix some suitable time.

What else you want to know? Yea, more update will be done and will try daily update. Haha.

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  • myFirdaus June 4, 2010  

    saya tau anda memang cute… hik3…
    alaa, org busy mane laa smpat nk berblog nih… kn3..

  • Hamdi June 4, 2010  

    kekadang tuh tak busy pun tapi malas je

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