Maybankard broken?

Yeah! I’m trying to get a new idea on this blog. I mean, the topic for this post.Aku masih merepek di kala petang hari! Okay. Here’s the story of the day.

Since few weeks ago, I’m trying to withdraw my money through the ATM machine. But, what happen is, the machine was saying like this :-

Thanks you!

Feel like wanna destroy that machine at that particular bank! Then, I tried at another bank. Then, it is functioning good. Yesterday, I was trying to get the money and the same things was happen again and again! SUCKS! I was saying to that machine! Bodo punya mesin. Aku ada duit lar, bukannye account aku nih kosong!!!!

Today, around 9.30am, I went to the bank at the Greentown Business Centre in Ipoh. Then, the guy who’s waiting at the counter was saying that all this happen because I didn’t update my passbook! Then, I was thinking YEAH! It was year ago for the last time that I update the passbook! Straight away back home and get the passbook and again back to the bank!

At the bank, I update the book at the counter and the once finish, straight away I try the card with highly expectation that the card will be back as the normal condition. BUT! The same thing are happen to me. I feel like crying when the card still be the causes of I can’t draw the money. Apa lagi, complain back to that guy. I was happy when the card broken cause I know that the bank can solve the problem for me. It’s Friday maaa! The bank are open! Fill up the form to complain about the card and make a replacement card of it.

Once I finish fill up the form, I proceed to the next counter. The best part is, the counter take my I/C and my the bank card, she trying to rub the chip with the eraser! ERASER??!! Siot je minah nih.. Bleyh plak dia guna pemadam nak padam chip aku tuh… Ish… Hehe.. Then, comfirm that the card cannot be use. So, change to a new card. Nice!

Ahhhhh, nothing to explain.. So, that’s the story of the day! Yeah, that’s it! fullstop.