Coldplay – Left Right Left Right Left


Nice picture huh? Ahaks. Long time without any updates from me huh? What to do, nothing to update cause a lot of assignment need to be done yea. So, i decide to update the blog at this time (1.20am).

Life getting misserable with assignment and projects. I done with all assignment and project! Eyhh, not all. There is one more assignment need to be done that is the Maths for Computing assignment.

About the project, if you doing the same class or having the same course with me, you will know what to do right? But, for now, I done with 2 projects that is the T-shirt and the egg project which is for creative study subject.

Everybody, just forget about it yea. Okay, in this post I would like to share something with you, my loyal readers. The things happen before I wrote this post. haha. I found that the band that known as Coldplay will give you a chance to download their latest album for free. It’s make me excited cause I really like this band yea.

I think, this is the first band who give us an oppurtunity to download the album. What can I say, I really salute to them! Any band would like to do the same things? I hope there will be a band will give us this oppurtunity. Hehe.

Eyhh, what am I doing? Talk a lot yea? haha. Forgot to give you the link.

Here’s the link, http://www.coldplay.com/lrlrl/

Just click the link and you just key in your email and your country, then you can download it for free. I repeat back yea, it is for FREE!

Try it now before it gone! haha. daaaa~

Damian Mikhail – Jelita


Song By Damian Mikhail
Lyrics By Cham Ve
“Another Hishousemuzik Product”


Yang Terlahir Di Dalam Setiap
Anggun Luar Dan Dalam, Kau Sungguh
Walaupun Tanpa Emas Berlian Permata
Kau Tetap Jelita

Verse 1

Kecantikan Mu Abadi
Sinar Mata Mentari
Lentik Bulu Mata
Dan Renungan Yang Menggoda
Cahaya Senyuman Mu
Oh Tawan Ku , Kau Jelita

Pre Chorus

Teratur Langkah Mu, Kelembutan Mu
Merdu Bisik Mu Bak Irama Dan Lagu
Keayuan Mu Teralun Di Dalam Kasih Ku
Usah Diragu Kejelitaan Mu Di Hati Ku

Verse 2

Kau Tercipta Tuk Jejaka
Kau Menarik Dan Begitu Sempurna
Tiada Lain Yang Ku Pinta , Adinda
Serlah Senyuman Mu Dan Tawan Ku
Kau Jelita

Repeat Pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus


Yang Di Lahirkan
Bukan Penampilan
Kejelitaan Lahir Di Dalam
Dan Tak Akan Hilang…

Repeat Chorus
Till End

Damian Mikhail Seet - Jelita

Credit to Damian Mikhail

Talentime the movie

Finally, the talentime available for public viewing! It’s out by today! Go and get it before you late!

I miss this place. I knew it. It’s in the main building of Anderson School. It’s my school. Anyway, all the picture are credit to the lovely director, Yamin Ahmad!

P/S: I love the Pamela Chong. She look gorgeous in the movie yea! :D, anyone got the contact number? i want it. hehe!

For more info, please visit:

Ashraf, Bunga and Pond’s

Hey, wassup guys outside there! Anyway, I would like to say Merry Christmas to everyone that going to celebrate it and the happy new. For those who are not celebrate it, i wanna say happy holiday. As you can see the topic that I’m going talk is Asraf, Bunga and Pond’s.

What’s wrong about Ashraf, Bunga and Pond’s? As you know, Pond’s is a brand for cosmetics which is quite famous years ago. What happen right now? Ahaks! Can you imagine a Muslim guy (Ashraf) holding a dog just for the advertisement?

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