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No updates?

As usual, no updates at all. DO nothing. Eat nothing. See nothing. Feel nothing. No news. No updates. No and no. Eat and sleep is my favorite. What do I eat? Sedaptak! I guess, I start 2014 with nothing at all. *sad*

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Salam Aidiladha 2013M

Salam Aidiladha buat semua terutamanya kepada mereka yang akan melakukan ibadah korban.

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I’m 22 + 14th Ramadan

Hey Guys, I’m 22 now. Hell yeah, turn 22 on July 30, last Monday. Yeay, adding a year to our age is not only add up number, but we add up with experience and knowledge. Okay, knock it off. Done with aging, eyhh, age. Not aging. Haha. So, ramadan/ramadhan kareem guys. Few days left. Perform […]

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