Daily Craps

Spot the different? Master!



I’m changed the status from Graduated of Bachelor’s Degree to MBA student. No rest at all. I got no life tho. Seriously I need to get a proper life.

  • After SPM Results to Limkokwing – it tooks 12 days
  • After Bachelor’s Degree to MBA – it tooks 21 days

Life must go on. Class start tomorrow. The class will be at Cyberjaya, 6-10pm. Hopefully I’m not gonna be sleepy in the class.

First day of 2012

Okay, first of all, do not ask me anything about December 31, 2011 or anything that related to new year eve’s cause I’m totally lost on it. Not because of drunk but because of tired. I was slept at 11pm which is an hour right before the fireworks, countdown, fun, and whatever that relate with it.

Crap with that all ya! But I guess, I finished the year with great whereby my graduation day was held in LUCT Cyberjaya on December 17. Mum and dad so happy with my education level. I’m gonna continue or further my studies on business field (no more IT. It’s enough I guess). Haha. I’m tired of IT cause I’m not so good in programming. Need to build the skills. *sigh*

What else? That’s all for the time being. See ya on next post tho! It’s gonna be my graduation on next post yo!

Wish ya Happy New Year!

Degree Sem 6


Can I just type yahoo then post this online? Haha. Fully crazy. Officially Semester 6 student. Final semester for my degree.

Happy! Why happy this semester?

  1. final sem
  2. ONLY 2 subjects
  3. class will be less
  4. lots of time to enjoy
  5. can have lots of sleep
  6. what else? too happy with it. haha.
What can I say? Happy! Now I can change the about me part on this blog. Currently look like this. Will change it to Semester 6! Haha.

Kids > Cry > Barber Shop > Haircut > Handsome

Last Thursday, my dad and I went for a haircut somewhere in Ipoh. Right after I’m finished my haircut, there’s a small kids and grandpa came for a haircut. Out of sudden the small kids screaming because he doesn’t want to make the haircut. The kids was screaming half dead. Haha. The grandma just smile to me and I replied the smile. Suddenly, my dad whisper me,

Oit, still remember? Just like you before. 

Then I smiled again and that’s remind me when I was small before. Hehe.

p/s: picture is just for visual aid.

Jambu Blogger Award?

Back and back again with Hamdi @ OneHamdi [dot] com. No updates doesn’t mean I’m dead. Do follow me on Twitter which a place for me to talk craps everyday.

Won’t talk longer on my life. It will be update on the other post. So, the purpose of writing this post the related to idea that came from Faris. I guess he is the follower to the old post from this blog. Anyhow, thanks Faris cause do keep tracking and reading all the previous post which I think it is not so informative enough to be read. Haha.

Faris commented and talked on the previous post titled “Tagged from Syia?!“. His idea was to create Jambu Kacak Award for blogger lelaki! So, I decided to make it simple and easy as A.B.C! Suggest to name it Jambu Blogger Award. With this Jambu Blogger Award, I’ll tagged whoever I feeling like to tagged them! Feel free to tagged others!

Jambu Blogger Award for guys only! Haha.

What do I need to do for this award?

Task given as below :-

  1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award.
  2. Pass this award onto bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.
  3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award.
  4. State 7 things about yourself.

Task 1

Do thank me back as I tagged you under the Jambu Blogger Award.

Task 2

I’m selecting the victims for this award.

  1. Hye Faris
  2. Saya Comel
  3. Ahmad Sabri
  4. Loq
  5. Aizuddin
  6. PascaSPM
  7. Daus
  8. Abra
  9. Khai
  10. Kal
  11. Yusof Firdaus

Task 3

I’ll contact them after this. Okay?

Task 4

  1. I’m cute
  2. Love Pink (Jambu)
  3. Love BBM with people
  4. Love Apple products even I got none Apple Product
  5. Love to sleep as always!
  6. Happy cause gonna graduate by this December 2011
  7. What else? No idea! I’m blank!

Yeay, done with it! Answer me now!