.MY = RM0.99?

Thanks to Amanz cause inform me the latest promotion by Exabytes where they make crazy sales due to MSC Malaysia Great ICT Sale 2009.

First of all, I would like to say that this is only applicable to new registration domain with .my extension. It is totally NOT applicable to renew domain yea!

Domain extension:-

* = RM 0.99/year

*.my = RM 38.00/year

* / * / * / * / * / * = RM 28.00/year

*.tel = RM 55.00/year

*.asia = RM 99.00/year

So, what are you waiting for? Get your .my domain now! Click here for more info!

P/S: Should I get *.my domain? Any idea? Give me feedback yea!

Web Hosting? Ipserverone?

Still looking for the web hosting? You’re beginner? Wanna learn it? But, the question is, do have a place to upload your data? Hurm, or in other words, HOSTING? Go and get the best hosting in Malaysia which is IPSERVERONE

As you can see here, this hosting provider give a chance to choose whether you want Windows Server, Linux Server or Java Server.

It just cost you RM99/annual. How cheap is it. Ahaks! Cheap doesn’t mean it is low quality or what and expensive product doesn’t mean good! Do you agree with me??? It is the cheapest product by this company, Ipserverone. It is a Malaysia Web Hosting!

Tips for new user of the hosting —— I would like to suggest to you, use linux cause for me the easiest  platform to manage is linux server. What’s the different between linux, windows and java? Just google it here!

For more information, check it out here!

Hosting Solution by Ipserverone!

Welcome back CGYHost


Anyone know about CGYHost?
I think, there are many people that are angry with this company. But why? Because of the server down? Should you angry with it? Should I? The main point I’m writing this post is to tell all of you about my first blog that still alive and available for humankind to read it again that my old blog. Don’t forget to continue reading my blog from then continue to It’s easy and simple. To CGYHost client, give them another chance to prove that they can give us the best service…