Breakfast at Pak Li Kopitiam

Breakfast kat Pak Li Kopitiam

Cendol [at] Pak Li Kopitiam

Cendol the best in town. Hahaha. Wanna try it? Get one yea!

Toasted Bread

Toasted Bread with kaya. Nice toasted bread compared to any kopitiam. heehe.

Mee Mamak

Mee Mamak! Kalah kedai mamak ohh! Sedap aaa kedai nih! Yummy!

I ate all this for my breakfast just now!  All? Yea. I ate all. You got any problem with that?


That’s all for now.

P/S: I’m not promote the shop but I promote the foods. Was it different? haha. Wanna go there? Pak Li Kopitiam Shah Alam Section 7.

Pak Li Kopitiam Shah Alam section7

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Salam Maulidur Rasul kepada semua ummat Islam!