Gadget, IT Appliances for 2011

Life my go on. So sad with the previous post that my phone lost just like that. Epic story huh? *sigh

Few days before 2011, I get myself a device called Blackberry. I bought Blackberry Bold 2 (Blackberry 9700).  I’m so sorry there’s no picture to be share on the device. On the first day of February, I got few things for myself to ready for new semester. Is it? Let’s check it out!

This is SyncMaster BX2450. Buying it without any purpose actually, feel like getting new computer but no cash right now. So, decide to get monitor so that easy to do assignment + watching movie. Haha. Basically it is Full HD LED monitor. Great? Amount spend for this monitor = RM836.

Since this is a new year, my lovely old XPS need a new protection from any virii such as Trojan, Napoleon, Pearl Harbor. Errkk, Napoleon and Pearl Harbor? Hahahahahaha. Ignore that part please. Okay, this is the 3-users license + free gift TuneUp Utilities. Both of this cost me RM110. What’s next?

Woaaaaa, okay! I got problem with the previous charger that come with the box. Waste time to get another at the shop, nahhhh, get a new one! Fuhhh! Cost me RM80.

Tadaaaaaaa! New gadget, Galaxy 5. The cheapest Android phone that affordable for all. More info? I haven’t really explore cause it’s belongs to my sister. I just see it tho from far. Couldn’t touch it cause she’s so excited with it. Hehe. Cost me RM699.

Total spending of the day = RM1,725. Woaaa, just like that? Gone by the wind of buying that less than 2 hours. GOSH!

Linux Ubuntu 9.10

For the first, I’m trying to use uBuntu version 9.10 and straight away I like it. This is the screen-shot of the packaging of the CD a.k.a Installer. They send to me though mail directly to my house for FREE. Wanna get it for free? Haha. You should think about it cause it will take up to ten weeks to reach your home. For me, I request it from the site. From what I heard, this ubuntu 9.10 support USB 3.0 where this port having the fastest rate of transfer.

Wanna get it? Click here.

Thanks to Linux Ubuntu for give it to me for free. What can I say, we love free!

ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition

Hey there, I just got the latest installer for the Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition from the Ubuntu. Haha. I got it last friday. Haven try it yet. So, anyone had try it before? Give out the comment here!