Domain *.com only for RM30?

Domain? Why do we need domain? Good enough for me? Why choose oh!Domain?

First of all, we learn what is domain? What do you understand with domain? Okay, from my opinion domain basically a name that link you to numbers that called as IP Address (internet protocol address). This ip address will convert it totally to other things that called as domain. Domain will help you and everyone easy to memorize it as it better rather than you memorize combination of few numbers. What else? Please do research more on google. Haha.

Why do we need domain? Make you to look more normal rather than usual. Haha. Nothing else except easy to memorize it. Good enough for you? Depends what kind of usage will be on the domain. Let say for fun, should be okay as well. The important part is the domain it self, how short you can make so that easy for all including you.

Why choose oh!Domain? Cause easy to handle and it is really convenient the user and email based company where easily contact via email rather than sms me. Haha..

Check it out here buddy!

They have new pricing for *.com extension for only RM30 annually.

*this message has brought to you by OH!Domain

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  • selling textbooks March 2, 2011  

    That is interesting I wonder why it isn’t more money.

  • Hamdi March 2, 2011  

    it just few man. How do i survive with this couple of cents.

  • ASP .net Host March 2, 2011  

    Not sure how you survive with a couple of cents

  • Hamdi March 2, 2011  

    i still get money from parents coz i’m still a student yo. haha.

  • Putra Ikhwan March 22, 2011  

    peh…….. rm 30 je beb??

  • Hamdi March 22, 2011  

    yeahhhh, tapi *.com je la yang RM30

  • selling textbooks April 2, 2011  

    Thats cool man. Lucky you I had to find my college and it didn’t go far. Thank goodness for mentors.

  • Hamdi April 3, 2011  

    yeah man! need any domain? just contact me tho!

  • ASP .net Host April 3, 2011  

    Man Lucky you! need Hosting contact me! :)

  • Hamdi April 3, 2011  

    to ASP .net Host: we should do business together man!

  • faisal April 5, 2011  

    wahh…cool…very cheap

  • Hamdi April 5, 2011  

    get it now man!

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