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Foundation > Final Exam Sem 2

Yosh everyone there! Sorry for nothing overhere. Ahaks! Mental a bit today cause just finish my programming paper. I’m having final exam for this whole week then I’ll start my semester break by next week then continue back to the real life that fully with stress and study. What? Study? Haha. I can’t study cause I don’t like it. Just once in a blue moon that I will study. One day, I will. HAha. All this while was totally busy with the assignment and the group assignment! So, one of the assignment that I can share here is the group assignment for Internet Technology.

We as a group, finish our website on our research that’s all about internet history, browsers history and so on. Wanna see it? Here’s the screen shot of the website!

This is the screen shot of the website. Wanna see it?
Click here!

Here’s the list of my friends website for the assignment:

I just know this 3 website. Ahaks?!

BTW, Happy Belated Birthday to my friend, Mugilan! Sweet 18 Bro!

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2 Responses to “Foundation > Final Exam Sem 2”

  1. Marvin Kong October 24, 2008 at 3:46 pm #

    Nice !

    I’ve never viewed other group’s sites, so I came to your site and managed to visit the others.

    Anyways, all the best and have a happy holiday.


  2. Hamdi October 24, 2008 at 3:48 pm #

    Same goes to you Mr. Marvin Kong
    come lepak lar

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