Free iPhone Apps

First row: Calculator, Calendar, Maps
Second row: Clock, Camera, Stocks
Third row: Weather, iPod, Notes
Fourth row: Phone, Mail, Messages

That’s what you can see how creative people nowadays from the icon of the apps for iPhone to cupcakes. How wonderful the way they think and really fanatic with the phone. From what we can see, this iPhone really famous after they launched the iPhone4 where it is basically fully equip by the important elements that people are look into current technology. For this post, I would like to share few free apps that really cool and whoever that using iPhone, must have this apps.


This is the few screen shot of the Viber apps for the iPhone. What is Viber actually? Viber is basically have the same function with the Phone in the iPhone where use to make a phone call. The different is, Viber brings you unlimited phone call where use it for free. How to use it as free? If you subscribe to data plan, it would be nice cause you can use it as the connection to the internet and make this free phone call. If not, you can use the free Wi-fi to make the phone call. It is really fantastic to people especially to connect with the loves one that not in the same country. It might be someone in London and the other make a phone call from Malaysia. Using the phone as the devices to make a call via the telephone line provider, it might cost you a lots. Save the cash and make the phone call using Viber. What else apps? Take example like Afiq Omar in the list, they provide the Viber on the end of the name. It will be Viber on the end of the name if the person already have the Viber apps. It means, easy for you to identify which one have the Viber.


PingChat! The apps can overtake the messages system (sms). Free again just like Viber apps. Function almost similar to messages (SMS), BBM. Can use the 3G connection or Wi-Fi connection. How? Everyone should try and get it as the main apps for the iPhone.

I decide to change the current situation where normally people will says, “anything, give me a call or sms me”. Me and my friend change it to, “anything, viber and ping me yea”. hahahaha. Our slogan is, we love free!

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  • Loq December 19, 2010  

    Do I have an iPhone ? Absalutely not

  • Hamdi December 19, 2010  

    get an iPhone then!

  • Loq December 19, 2010  


  • Hamdi December 19, 2010  

    kenapa pulak nih?

  • MOhamad Asyraf December 22, 2010  

    pergh hamdi dan iphone. kau mmg selalu maju ke hadapan ah. kor ambik pekej berape ringgit, pasti mahal kan

  • Hamdi December 23, 2010  

    aku amik package yang RM155/monthly.

  • MOhamad Asyraf December 23, 2010  

    owh bleh tahan gak. wah nice gak tapi internet jelah yg limit. iphone kkdang apps pon kene gner internet. klu lebih limit abih licin duit poket kau.

  • Hamdi December 23, 2010  

    tuh aaaa. aku punya limit dalam 1GB je. tak pernah habis aaa. sebab aku tak der la hardcore guna kan. biasa aku guna untuk facebook, twitter. some apps untuk yang text based la. youtube semua aku jarang bukak kat phone.

  • samanosuke_04 January 3, 2011  

    heheh… beriphone daa nampak.. teehee.. iphone4 tue dalam new year’s wishlist aku.. haha, selamat tahun baru bro!!

  • Hamdi January 4, 2011  

    dah lama guna iPhone tapi 3Gs je la. Since March 2010 lagi.

  • selling textbooks January 6, 2011  

    How interesting and Cute I love it.

  • Hamdi January 6, 2011  

    nice right?

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