Hoobastank @ Hard Rock, Bali

As what you all know, I spend a month in Bali for the Global Classroom by Limkokwing  University.

One day, walk around the Kuta Beach area where we’ll pass by the Hard Rock, saw an advertisement about the Hoobastank performance at Hard Rock Bali. The ticket price only for IDR200,000 and it’s kinda cheap if we compared to the other performance by the other band. No picture? Hahaha. How come no picture for this time? Hehe. Check it out.

Hard Rock Bali still under construction


Hero of the day

Limkokwing's Student + Lecturer @ Hard Rock, Bali

Audience 1

Audience 2

Hoobastank 1

Hoobastank 2

Hoobastank 3

Brownies with Ice Cream on top of it

Ticket, 2 boxes of LA, a guitar pick & song list

My friend so happy cause he got the song list given by the Hoobastank vocalist & a guitar pick by the guitarist. Kinda cool cause it is 3 days before my birthday! The performance was awesome! People are totally crowded especially the one that nearby the stage. Wanna see more picture? Will upload it soon. Hahah!

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  • Khai August 16, 2010  

    Org hantar sana suh belajar, ko bantai main2 nengok konsert.. haish dak dak skang ni.. huhuhu… tpi, aku nak gak ngk gambar2 yg lain.. kasi upload cepat sket. hehehe…

  • Hamdi August 17, 2010  

    sesungguhnya, aku nih bukan pengguna P1W1Max
    aku masih menggunakan Maxis Berukband
    eyhhhh, maksudku, Maxis Broadband
    mana la boleh main upload upload aja
    internet slow daaaa sini

  • selling textbooks September 4, 2010  

    The Hard Rock is packed. I have never heard of Hoobastank but if they are opening the Hard Rock I would safely assume they are popular in the middle east.

  • Hamdi September 4, 2010  

    agree with u tho!
    the Hoobastank quite famous band
    you should check it out

  • Anonysomus January 24, 2011  

    The Hard Rock is packed :)

  • Hamdi January 24, 2011  

    as usual boss! but then, the place is totally awesome!

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