Jambu Blogger Award?

Back and back again with Hamdi @ OneHamdi [dot] com. No updates doesn’t mean I’m dead. Do follow me on Twitter which a place for me to talk craps everyday.

Won’t talk longer on my life. It will be update on the other post. So, the purpose of writing this post the related to idea that came from Faris. I guess he is the follower to the old post from this blog. Anyhow, thanks Faris cause do keep tracking and reading all the previous post which I think it is not so informative enough to be read. Haha.

Faris commented and talked on the previous post titled “Tagged from Syia?!“. His idea was to create Jambu Kacak Award for blogger lelaki! So, I decided to make it simple and easy as A.B.C! Suggest to name it Jambu Blogger Award. With this Jambu Blogger Award, I’ll tagged whoever I feeling like to tagged them! Feel free to tagged others!

Jambu Blogger Award for guys only! Haha.

What do I need to do for this award?

Task given as below :-

  1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award.
  2. Pass this award onto bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.
  3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award.
  4. State 7 things about yourself.

Task 1

Do thank me back as I tagged you under the Jambu Blogger Award.

Task 2

I’m selecting the victims for this award.

  1. Hye Faris
  2. Saya Comel
  3. Ahmad Sabri
  4. Loq
  5. Aizuddin
  6. PascaSPM
  7. Daus
  8. Abra
  9. Khai
  10. Kal
  11. Yusof Firdaus

Task 3

I’ll contact them after this. Okay?

Task 4

  1. I’m cute
  2. Love Pink (Jambu)
  3. Love BBM with people
  4. Love Apple products even I got none Apple Product
  5. Love to sleep as always!
  6. Happy cause gonna graduate by this December 2011
  7. What else? No idea! I’m blank!

Yeay, done with it! Answer me now!


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  • Faris June 26, 2011  

    Fuiyoo!!! Bombastik siot (bukan plastik ye)!!! Faris no.1 rupanya dalam senarai Jambu Award ni…bila on je artikel ni, habis berderau darah Faris sampai ternaik bulu roma ni mengalahkan cerita seram TV3…hahahaha…pada mulanya Faris juz gurau je dengan idea merapu macam jenama barang komputer Rapoo (confirm merepek) tengah bersepah kat Low Yat. Apapun thanks becoz terkeluar jugak idea bernas ni…

  • myFirdaus June 26, 2011  

    erkkkk… knapa laa aku kne tag. huhuhu

  • Hamdi June 26, 2011  

    tak salah kan? haha.

  • Hamdi June 26, 2011  

    saja. lama ku tak mengtagged orang nih. hahaha,

  • Faris June 27, 2011  

    Hamdi, kalo ada apa2 about this boleh contact Faris…

    1st step :-

    2nd step :-
    Pilih “My Network & Contact”

    3rd step :-
    Hamdi boleh menghubungi Faris melalui :-

    Contact Form
    Yahoo Messenger

  • Hamdi June 27, 2011  

    About this? About what Faris?

  • Faris June 27, 2011  

    Previous Comments :-
    Hamdi reply on June 27th, 2011 at 1:45 am
    Hamdi say “About this? About what Faris?”

    I mean, kalo ada apa2 la…baru la contact Faris melalui Hye Faris Dot Com…ahaks =)

  • Hamdi June 30, 2011  

    okay! boleh saja!

  • aizuddin June 30, 2011  

    haha..jambu blogger award ke?ada masa boleh la aku join nanti..busy sikit sekarang ni

  • Hamdi June 30, 2011  

    wokeh saja. sebab aku tengah bosan nih. tengah cuti yang sungguh membosankan.

  • rent books July 6, 2011  

    Good to know you are not dead. Good luck with the Jambu Awards

  • Hamdi July 6, 2011  


  • sayacomel July 10, 2011  

    haa..i’m one of them???

  • Hamdi July 10, 2011  


  • Rent Textbooks Online August 22, 2011  

    Congrats to the winner, I know I am not up to par to enter something like that yet.

  • Hamdi August 31, 2011  

    just enter tho! it’s for everybody

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