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Last Thursday, my dad and I went for a haircut somewhere in Ipoh. Right after I’m finished my haircut, there’s a small kids and grandpa came for a haircut. Out of sudden the small kids screaming because he doesn’t want to make the haircut. The kids was screaming half dead. Haha. The grandma just smile to me and I replied the smile. Suddenly, my dad whisper me,

Oit, still remember? Just like you before. 

Then I smiled again and that’s remind me when I was small before. Hehe.

p/s: picture is just for visual aid.

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  • FD July 23, 2011  

    calm him. give him sedative or morphin, then he will sleep..

  • Hamdi July 23, 2011  

    morphine? hahaha. Giler kesian.

  • Faris July 26, 2011  

    potong rambut tu biar kemas baru hensem…macam faris ni sebelum ni rambut macam mat rock, bile dah potong rambut je tetibe jadi mat romeo pulak…mengancam siot!!! hehehehe…

  • Hamdi July 27, 2011  

    mengancam tuh yang takot tuhhh. ehhhe.

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