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What you can see is the topic which I’m trying to say that I’m totally lazy to update this blog. There’s nothing special with my life. Haha. Okay, here’s the info on me. I’m totally busy, busy and busy with assignment which is english assignment and the programming assignment. Wanna see it? Pay me USD10 for it. Ahaks! Just joking.

This is the screenshot of the programming assignment. Yeah. I know this is easy but I can’t do. What a lousy fellow? Haha. This is the assignment for programming but I got another assignment for english which is I need to do an essay. Haha. That’s all assignment that I need to finish up by today. Others? Soon. huhu.

BTW, I’m using Turbo C++ for this programming assignment.

anyway, I would like to say good luck for my friends, Ryan, that won a webhosting including the domain. Why good luck? He’s going to learn how manage a webhosting and that lovely domain

P/S: Khai dah mengamok. Wakakakaka. Blog aku tak update. Huhu. Aku busy lar bro. Banyak assignment dan juga banyak termenung. Wahahahaha. Kira halal je la bro yer@!@

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