Limkokwing Entrepreneurs Club

Sorry for not updating the blog. For the mean time, I quite busy with my assignment and the quiz. What can I say, bye bye to blog. Wahaha. So, on the August 18, 2008, Limkokwing has a new club which is known as¬†Limkokwing Entrepreneurs Club that is a club for students that belongs to Faculty of Business Management and Globalization (FBMG), Faculty of Information Communication Technology (FICT) and Faculty of Communication, Media & Broadcasting (FCMB). What else about this club? Hurm, aaaa… I’m not sure about it. What I know is we need to wear formal every Monday until die. Tomorrow never die boss! Wahahahaha…

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  • IcKy August 29, 2008  

    wow,entrepreneur’s club .so planning to join arr?

  • IcKy August 29, 2008  

    wow,an entrepreneur’s club .so planning to join?

  • IcKy August 29, 2008  

    sry for da same post ,accidently press twice =]

  • umar August 29, 2008  

    wow! ini sudah bagus!
    evry monday pakai formal? xde batik ker?
    hehehe.. sje jer merapu kt cni

  • Hamdi August 29, 2008  

    as the the student that belongs to the faculty of information communcation technology, we need to join it. So, officially that I’m joining that Club. Am i right Icky?

  • Hamdi August 29, 2008  

    Formal means that including batik kot
    tak sure la
    asal umar?

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