Linux Ubuntu 9.10

For the first, I’m trying to use uBuntu version 9.10 and straight away I like it. This is the screen-shot of the packaging of the CD a.k.a Installer. They send to me though mail directly to my house for FREE. Wanna get it for free? Haha. You should think about it cause it will take up to ten weeks to reach your home. For me, I request it from the site. From what I heard, this ubuntu 9.10 support USB 3.0 where this port having the fastest rate of transfer.

Wanna get it? Click here.

Thanks to Linux Ubuntu for give it to me for free. What can I say, we love free!

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  • Fishcake February 16, 2010  

    Free!~ Tapi hampeh, Ubuntu ade bug dekat laptop saye. Kipas laptop tak pusing. Baru 10 minit gune, temperature naik sampai 96 C. Harap2 next release diorang fix bende ni. T.T

  • Hamdi February 16, 2010  

    asal lak jadi macam tuh?
    saye guna okei je
    pelik la
    tapi kita tunggu je la yang next release aje kan

  • Fishcake February 17, 2010  

    Model laptop saye je yang kene. T.T

  • Hamdi February 17, 2010  

    asal lak macam tuh?
    dah try reinstall balik?

  • mohdisa February 17, 2010  

    i like ubuntu :)

  • Hamdi February 17, 2010  

    saya juga!

  • blinkky February 17, 2010  

    They ship for free? That’s great =)

  • Hamdi February 17, 2010  

    absolutely for free

  • Fishcake February 18, 2010  

    Dekat 4 – 5 kali dah. > <

  • Hamdi February 18, 2010  

    hari tuh ada problem
    install balik pastu habis semua space tuh guna untuk linux
    tapi dah tak leh guna kat windows sebab dah habis semua space untuk windows
    macam mana?
    on MSN jap

  • Fishcake February 18, 2010  

    Linux gune semua? O.o Windows dah kene format ke? Knape tak partition dulu? Tak silap saye, kalau boot Ubuntu pakai CD, ade partition editor dekat System > Administration.

  • Hamdi February 18, 2010  

    nanti saya try ekk Fishcake!

  • hilmi March 18, 2010  

    best ke ubuntu linux ni??

  • Hamdi March 19, 2010  

    boleh la
    not bad
    try la

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