LUCT? I’m home!!!

Yeah men, I’m home with highly expectation and desperate to pass all my subjects that I took for my 1st semester. At last, I passed it… Hahahahaha. The best things is I need to start my life as a student starting by next week Monday. The subjects that going to make me crazy is  :

  • English & Study Skills
  • Principles of Economics
  • Fundamental of Statistic
  • Fundamental of Internet Technology
  • Principles of Programming Logic & Design

The important things is hopefully the God give me the strength to study until my last breath. (Ayat poyo giler ah) and pass it with high and get the highest mark in the class and the faculty. Haha..

The real intention to write this blog is to tell you about the day of registering the next semester that is 2nd semester but suddenly I was drag the topic to something that I have to do it for my future. What the heck is it? What can I say here is just chill with it and enjoy the day until you need to stop it.

I happened 2 days ago.

I register at the bursery with the year leader that is Miss Janet. Everything going smoothly. Just for the FICT and FBMG. Nothing else. Btw, I’m going to miss my friends that taking business class cause we will having a different class. OMG, how’s my life without them?

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  • syia July 19, 2008  

    welcome as a STUDENT heheh

  • Hamdi July 19, 2008  

    wah, happynyer dia usik kita ekk….
    tak per tak per, nanti kita gi sana, usik dia balik…

  • Aira July 19, 2008  

    Good luck for your next semester….

  • Hamdi July 19, 2008  

    same goes to you aira!!!

  • Aira July 19, 2008  

    hoho.. biaserr…
    happy tension months startin this August.. (^_^)

  • Hamdi July 20, 2008  

    sapa kata?
    next week monday dah start kot…

  • khai July 24, 2008  

    ngade.. nak belajar pon nak berkawan2… ala botswana kan ramai.. ko amik la satu jadi abg angkat ke.. akak angkat ke.. ihihihi…

    belajar rajin2 ye dik.. sukenye aku dah habis belajar.. hahahha.. jgn mara…

  • Hamdi July 24, 2008  

    APA? Botswana? Bagi la Zimbabwe ke Kazastan ke baru cun….
    Sem nih ada minah dari kazakhtan cun wooo….
    eyhh, yang mana satu ejaan yang betul nih?? Kazastan ke kazakhtan ker?? :)

  • Siti M August 4, 2008  

    Hi. I’m from SG. I wanna enrol in Lim Kok Wing Jan semester. I need to talk and disccuss a lot of LKW stuff with a student from there itself. Thank God i found this blog! Can you email me back or something so that i could start a fresh thread privately? Thanks a lot.i appreaciate it :)

  • Hamdi August 4, 2008  

    Hi Siti M. You wanna enrol in Lim Kok Wing for the January semester? I think you can just email me anything that you really want to know. So, do you have my email?

  • Mohamad Azlan Bin Hassan August 23, 2008  

    korang borak ape nie,anyway asalammualaikum Hamdi!!!!

  • Hamdi August 24, 2008  

    wei azlan
    jangan buat spam!!!

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