Not a hardcore blogger?

A month leave without any news to the cyber world. That’s what you should call me as not a hardcore blogger. What story should I share with you? Any idea? I need idea!

I got a new hobby where I gonna try any latest apps for iPhone! Really? Kinda bullshit huh? LOL. Okay, for the mean time, I used Hipstamatic apps for iPhone! I feel it awesome where the digital camera can have the same quality of picture with the Analog Camera.

In this apps, you can change the film for the camera, lens and flash. Check it out tho!

Location: Hassan Cafe, Streetmall, Cyberjaya


  • lens: Jimmy
  • film: Kodot Verichrome
  • flash: Dreampop


  • lens: Kaimal Mark II
  • film: Kodot Verichrome
  • flash: Dreampop

My favourite is the Kaimal Mark II lens! It look awesome! Hahah.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get the Hipstamatic App for your iPhone!

p/s: Hipstamatic? Go and check it out here for more info!

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  • Sabri May 28, 2010  

    wah, iphone bai.. bile r aku nak ade iphone..
    bro, bagi lah hadiah iphone harijadik aku nanti.. hahahaha..

  • Hamdi May 28, 2010  

    boleh boleh je la
    tak best pun
    kau pun boleh guna la

  • samanosuke_04 June 1, 2010  

    hohoho.. biasanye orang baru beli iphone memang ader hobi camnie.. ko baru beli ke dah lama dah beriphone nie? hehe, papepun cuba try aps sleep cycle alarm clock.. best wooo.. bagi aku, satu2nya aps yang membantu..

  • Hamdi June 1, 2010  

    aku beli 1st march
    skang dah usia 3 Bulan!

    syiok ohhh
    nanti aku carik cycle alarm!

    what can i say, we love free!
    solution? Jailbreak the iPhone!

  • paan June 2, 2010  

    disebabkan bro pun dah ada hobi baru , boleh la wat post pasal application2 baru yang bro try…

  • Hamdi June 2, 2010  

    nanti aku dipertimbangkan

  • myFirdaus June 4, 2010  

    yup2…. aku stuju.. buat r entry psal hobi baru ko tuh… share ckit… hik3.. :)

  • Hamdi June 4, 2010  

    nanti kita cuba fikirkan yea

  • selling textbooks September 3, 2010  

    I phone apps can be fun and addicting because there are new ones coming out get the good ones though there is always a price. My favorite app is Siri where you can talk to into the phone ant ell it what you want to find.

  • Hamdi September 4, 2010  

    agree with u!

  • selling textbooks October 4, 2010  

    I think that is a pretty cool idea. There are so many apps out there that one person can’t know about all of them. But if they see your review here, they might try it out.

  • Hamdi October 5, 2010  

    hope so!

  • selling textbooks November 2, 2010  

    looks like a really cool app. I love photography and this will be fun to play with.

  • selling textbooks November 8, 2010  

    This looks like a great app. It will be fun to play around with.

  • Hamdi November 9, 2010  

    yeappp. the app is damn awesome! u should try it!

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