OneHamdi getting better?

For a long time no update on this blog right? Is it? Yeah! I guess so. hehe.

What I’m trying to say here is, OneHamdi getting better, because the bandwidth that we used from a month to another month are getting more and more.

Since the first time we launch this site, that is on July ’08, the bandwidth that we use on that particular month is 152.01MB

  • August – 239 Meg
  • September – 297.32 Meg
  • October – 925.48 Meg
  • November – 839.06 Meg
  • December – 1.16 Gig

Next, on year 2009, everything has change. It’s getting better

  • January – 1.2 Gig
  • February – 1.36 Gig

Here’s the hits!

Usage of OneHamdi[dot]com

Summary by month for OneHamdi[dot]com

I know that, OneHamdi is not famous as JustKhai. So, for the mean time, we can’t compared within this two sites right? What can we do now is, promote more on this site to another site. Am I right? hehe.

Anyone wanna link-exchange with me?

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  • syia March 2, 2009  

    bagus la :) terus kan usaha.. hehe

  • Hamdi March 2, 2009  

    yea syia
    hamdi akan teruskan

  • izzat aziz March 4, 2009  

    nape tunjuk bandwith..hehe tnjk traffic.. :D
    tp okay la tu.. sm2 brusaha tingkatkan trafik
    blog.. :)

  • Hamdi March 7, 2009  

    bro, tgk lar
    skang dah update dah
    sudah letak dia punya traffic

  • izzat aziz March 7, 2009  

    bleh thn.. agak ok la tu.. hehe

  • Hamdi March 7, 2009  

    boleh tahan je ker? :)

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