What is OneHamdi.Com?? It is the continuous of a blog which is owned by a little cute person that is Hamdi ( I’m as the owner, I feel so lucky when the God give me the right path that is to continue blogging in the world that fully¬†and highly technology. OneHamdi now has being hosted under a company by the name of OneBytes.Com.My. Hopefully this server provider won’t make me dissapointed once again and again like before this. As you see, the interface or the themes of this blog still remaining the same the first blog. I still do not have enough time to edit the themes. Maybe I need a new themes to make it look more fresh in the world eventhough the owner of this blog is not fresh in world of blogging. As you know, the old version of my blog that is Hamdi’s Blog – All About Hamdi will be change by the new motto that is OneHamdi.Com – The one and the only Hamdi¬†. I’m hopping by this new domain and the new motto can makes my life more happier than other usual day. As a blogger, I’m trying to change people mind such as thinking about the others including politics, daylife and etc. By the way, this domain has officially launch on Sunday, July 13, 2008 on 12.43pm.

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  • Mqdd July 13, 2008  

    congrats~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Hamdi July 13, 2008  

    thanks miqdad….
    majulah blog untuk negara… :D

  • syia July 14, 2008  

    hamdi..hamdi.. pkai la tweeter :)

  • Hamdi July 14, 2008  

    apa tuh??
    adoiii, penyakit blur hamdi sudah sampai la…

  • aman July 14, 2008  

    huhu..dah ada domain akhirnya.. :D

  • Hamdi July 14, 2008  

    dapat gak aku beli domain baru…

  • khai July 24, 2008  

    well, congrate bro.. sebagai menyambut domain baru ni, selalu2 la belanja aku makan eskem.. hahahhaa..

  • Hamdi July 24, 2008  

    asal boss? ko nak makan ice cream ker?
    aku ngah demam nih…

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