Ramadhan is back!!!

Iftar? Hmmm, time? Not yet huh?

Thanks for the photo. Credit to Tanmoycartoons.

Happy Ramadhan. Ramadhan Kareem! Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan.

Ramadan datang sekali setahun. Semoga kita dapat berebut keberkatan di bulan Ramadhan dan juga dapat beribadat kepada Allah yang maha esa.

Selamat berbuka puasa semua. Dah 7.17pm. Less than 20 minutes nak buka puasa.


Happy Teacher’s Day 2014

I would like to say Happy Teacher’s Day to all teacher in this world especially for those who taught me how to spell, how to pronounce, how to fight, how to kill, all those with words not by sword or even knife.

I would like to say thanks to:-

  1. My Parents, considered as my immediate teacher
  2. My Sisters, both of you!

Thanks to my teacher, from different school.

  1. SK Rantau Panjang, Klang (1997)
  2. SK Toh Tandewa Sakti, Tapah (1998 – 2001)
  3. SK Sultan Sulaiman 1, Kuala Terengganu (2002)
  4. SMK Bandar, Kuala Terengganu (2003)
  5. SMK Anderson, Ipoh (2004 – 2007)
  6. Limkokwing University (2008 – 2013)

Thank you very much.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Gear 2 Box


Gear 2 Watch

This is my new toy, Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.

Mostly, a better than the previous version, which is Galaxy Gear.


Galaxy Gear 2 Features

Somehow, I like my new Gear 2. LOLOLOLOL.

No updates?

As usual, no updates at all. DO nothing. Eat nothing. See nothing. Feel nothing.

No news. No updates. No and no.

Eat and sleep is my favorite. What do I eat? Sedaptak!

I guess, I start 2014 with nothing at all. *sad*