Paintball? TTSports Park?

Hello world. Nah, I quote hello world as the first message that we gonna produce by using programming either Java or even C++ programming. ehehe.

Okay, the things is happened last week where my friend, Afiq offer me to join them to play Paintball. I was like, what the hell is it? Is it the extreme game? Yeah. Sounds nice and great. I finally end up to join them. I was thinking that the Paintball is just like COD (Call of Duty) or CS (Counter Strike) in the real life that we call it as Paintball. Haha. Great huh? COD in real life?

In the games, there are Afiq, Aizuddin, Abe, Man, Ting, Khairul, Azri and I.

First of all, here’s the stuff that we need to know.


This is the facemask where you need to wear it as you still love your life. Lol.


Marker? Yea, marker or in the simple language is Pistol or the Gun that we use to shoot our enemy.

I would like to remind you, do not play with your feelings. What will happen if you play with feeling to revenge towards your friends? Someone might get injured.

Picture before the game,

Man & Din



We’re in the same team. Kamikaze.

Opponent team,





How? All handsome guy huh? That’s why I said it is a nice game with a group of nice guy.

Wanna see what happen to us after the games? Nah, won’t post it here. Hurm, you guys need to try this extreme games.

Student Package RM55 includes;
-250 pellets
-rental the field for 2 hours
-body armour
-facemask & marker (pistol).
We were played at TTSportsPark. Where is it? Okay, here’s the link.

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  • loq October 18, 2009  

    kt melake pon ade tempat paintball ni..
    tapi tak berkesempatan nak pergi.lagipun member pon takde

  • Hamdi October 18, 2009  

    ciannye loq
    haaaa, nanti kalo aku pegi melaka, kita pegi main sama² ekk
    tapi serious dowh
    memang best la paintball nih
    tembak orang best
    tapi kalo kita kena tembak pun best giler

  • hEkaRF October 22, 2009  

    weeeeiiiii x ajak aku pown di uuwwaaaaaaa!!

  • Hamdi October 22, 2009  

    kau budak kecik
    kalo main nanti, kena tembak, nanti marah aku lak
    weh, diorang cakap ada Paintball kat area Jalan Coldweld Ipoh
    betul ker?
    nanti aku cuti kita pegi main la

  • joegrimjow November 26, 2009  

    not that expensive

    will play !

  • Hamdi November 26, 2009  

    yeap dude
    it’s kinda fun with the game!
    u should try it out!

  • your faaader. February 10, 2010  

    The guy in the second pic of your team very theee haansome ah! haha. No wonder you guys won. XD

  • Hamdi February 10, 2010  


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