Price Hike Of Petrol Tonight

Very recently, Malaysia Instict has been covertly notified by several petroleum players in this country about the price hike of petrol that would take place as soon as 12.01am of September 1, means Monday midnight.

The RON95 petrol will be sold at RM1.80 per litre effective Sept 1, which is 5 sen more than its current selling price while  RON97 petrol will be at RM2 per litre which is 20 sen higher  than its current  price RM1.80 per litre.

An official announcement of this new petrol price will be made public by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob this evening in a press conference at the ministry’s office.

As a result, RON97 will be the alternative petrol and a premium product. Instead, the RON95 petrol will be the choice petrol for consumers and rest assured, the product is of high quality and is good enough to be filled in even luxury and high-powered cars

RON95 has made a debut on last  May to replace the RON92. According to petroleoum traders, the decision to phase out RON92 would not affect consumers as statistics show that only 5% to 10% of vehicle owners use the petrol, adding that by paying only five sen more for a litre, consumers would get to enjoy better quality petrol.

Thus, the new price will definitely not borne with difficulties to public compared to previous increment made last year which abruptly topped up huge amount. But this time around, things are going to be different as it would probably not effecting the cost of consumer product on market.

Consolidating the side effects learnt from previous lesson of pass administration, now government are implementing various programmes to help the public cushion the effect of an increase in the cost of living and price of  essential goods.

Petrol price hike is something unescapeable due to global demand and trade price for  petroleum. Current price for crude petroleum oil is floating around USD70 to USD75 per barrel  highly dependent on global macroeconomic conditions.

Luckily, government has replace RON97 with RON95 which is cheaper, but hold greater performance for engines. RON means Research Octane Number and it refers to the ability of gasoline to auto burn inside the engine.

Higher octane number oil is basically designed for higher performance cars such as sport cars and racing cars. This is to avoid premature burning of oil inside the engine. Simply say, higher number of RON is harder to burn the petrol. Meaning that RON97 is harder to burn compared to RON95.

RON95 could be used for all types of cars including imported luxury cars. This is good opportunity for citizen to switch to cheaper RON95 if previously they used RON97. This is because RON95 offers about the same quality and performance as RON97.

Once RON95 is available , surely there will be pretty much consumers trying the new RON95 petrol to see which one feels the best with their car’s engine. Petronas has initially tested RON95, branded Primax  95 since May this year.

Within three months of the trial usage at two Petronas Station in Klang Valley, consumers positively  verified the super power of Primax 95 that produces less carbon yet ensuring the cleanliness of the engine system.

In conclusion, goverment’s decision to increase 5 sen for RON95 and 20 sen for RON97 starting tonight, will be blissfully welcomed by the nation as it benefits alot for the motorist. After all, figures of the increment are extremely minimum and acceptable to majority Malaysians.

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  • aHBeN HaShRiQ September 3, 2009  

    tawu x pe..
    gler ar..
    minyk naek..
    abes duet ak isi minyk moto n g poli (walhal poli ngn rmh ak dkt je..keh3)
    da la bln pose x ley makn..
    duet abes ke isi minyk mto da..
    oit wan..
    raye kt ne?
    ade open home x?

  • aHBeN HaShRiQ September 3, 2009  

    n lg 1..
    yg ak pelik..
    nnty minyk shell v power la cmne..
    brpe hrge die lak ek?
    ak x g survey lg kt shell pump..

  • Hamdi September 3, 2009  

    raya ?
    aku pun tak sure lagi
    kena tanya bapak aku dulu

  • Hamdi September 3, 2009  

    tuh aku tak sure
    sebab area umah aku yang klang tuh, dah tak ada V-Power
    diorang jual RON 97 & 95 jer

  • samanosuke_04 September 16, 2009  

    haha, tiket bas kat moscow akan potong harga 1/2 bulan depan…

  • Hamdi September 17, 2009  


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