Register Degree Yr 1 Sem 1

What a bored day! I rush early in the morning from Ipoh to Klang then Klang to Cyberjaya! Gosh, almost crazy in a day! I was shocked cause a lot of people still waiting to register.

Register ( Feb 23, '09)

You can see Mr. Taufiq talking with his student. hahaha. what a pity to him!

Subject that I gonna learn by this semester are :-

  • C++ Programming I
  • Fundamental of Computer Systems
  • Mathematics for Computing
  • Communication Theory & Study Skills
  • Multimedia Technology
  • Creative Skills & Studies

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Nice subjects? I guess so. But I think that I gonna love Fundamental of Computer Systems and the Multimedia Technology cause i knew the lecturer since last semester. It’s gonna make me easy to communicate with them! Thanks to Mr. Taufiq and Ms. Teo Siew cause teach me again for this semester! Yeah! That’s all for now!

Btw, I’m a Degree Student! Yeay!

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  • syia February 26, 2009  

    huhuhu..gOoD LuCk..

  • Hamdi February 26, 2009  

    thanks Syia !

  • aHBeN February 28, 2009  

    ak pown bru nk g latihn industri july ny..
    die ny da degree..
    nmpknye jauh lg ler perjalanan ak..
    dieny da singkt =P

  • Hamdi February 28, 2009  

    sama jer lar bro

  • dins March 15, 2009  

    good luck bro…semoga berjaya dalam bidang yg diceburi.

  • Hamdi March 15, 2009  

    thanks bro!
    sentiasa mencuba supaya berjaya

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