Selamat Hari Raya (2008)

First of all, I would like to wish you selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir dan batin. Hopefully that everyone enjoy the Eid-Fitr for this year. What was the special things for this Raya? For me, balik kampung  is not too bad but is just a place without internet connection. Eventhough I’m using the Celcom Broadband, there is not 3G coverage that cannot make my internet function smoothly. I can just access the MSN and the YM not for surfing the net. It just a GPRS connection. Nothing more than that unless if I go to the town that is Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

As the Raya that we celebrate, I already sent the ‘card’ to my friends through the MySpace and the Friendster. You didn’t get it? Naaaaaahhhhhhhhh, this one is for you sincere from me, Hamdi.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thanks the for this beautiful picture that I can considered it as the ‘card’.

That was for the virtual friends. For my real buddy, I gave them the real raya card that post it to their house. Thanks to the Enveluv that is the company give out the card and sent it to the receiver for free. It is the first website that provide the free postal card that is the real card not the e-cards!

Back to our main topic that is Raya. It’s all about my raya! There’s a lot of activity that I do at kampung that is online, online and online… Wahahahaha. I’m not that too bad. I’m just online, playing games with my PSP, smsing, calling, chatting but not cheating…. Weeeee, what a bored life huh! Not just playing fool okay? hahahah… Then, I took some picture that I feel very nice from my eyes! Wanna see it?



From all the picture above, there is coconut, a man painting the house, my sister with the jering, and the radio. I’ll describe to you all of this picture. As you can see, there is coconut that just taken from the tree that dull with the nice smell water inside it and the fresh jelly. A man painting the house? That uncle very expert in painting house, gate, repairing the house and etc. Next, my sister? She’s trying to show the jering  that is one of the exotic fruits that we can eat with the rice. Hahaha… Here’s come the best picture that I’ll share with all of you here! The Antique Radio! It is Toshiba brand and the age of the radio is more than 30 years! What, 30 YEARS? It’s true man! More than 30 years and it is still can be use as the usual radio that we can choose any channel that we want. Just find the correct MHz (channel), then, we can get the channel! Easy as ABC! Hahaha…

Next, I’ll show you part of the kuih raya… There are many types of kuih raya! Nice nice one! (apa punya bahasa yang aku guna nih?) hahahahaha….


Weeeeeee, there is kuih raya and the food! Nice! Delicious! Tasty! Yummy! HUrm, nice cause we only see them once in a year after a month we fasting!

So, that’s all for today! Till then, see ya! Hehe!

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  • syia October 9, 2008  

    hamdi.. hehe masak kuih mana?? hehe

  • apiz October 10, 2008  

    selamat ari rayer… aik, mane kad raye yg kate nk bg tuh.. hi hi..

  • Hamdi October 11, 2008  

    To Syia—-> Hamdi masak semua kuih.. Kalo Syia nak tau, nama kuih tuh ialah kuih tunjuk ataupun kuih beli kat kedai… wahahahahaha… jahatnye hamdi nih…

    To Apiz—-> Bro, aku dah send la card tuh… Company Enveluv tak anta kot… Sorry sesangat bro!

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