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I’m changed the status from Graduated of Bachelor’s Degree to MBA student. No rest at all. I got no life tho. Seriously I need to get a proper life.

  • After SPM Results to Limkokwing – it tooks 12 days
  • After Bachelor’s Degree to MBA – it tooks 21 days

Life must go on. Class start tomorrow. The class will be at Cyberjaya, 6-10pm. Hopefully I’m not gonna be sleepy in the class.

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  • syia January 8, 2012  

    relex.. takpe2.. bersusah susah dahulu

  • Hamdi January 8, 2012  

    takot jugak nih

  • Italian Cheese May 4, 2012  

    Awesome Congratulations.

  • Hamdi May 4, 2012  

    thanks dude

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