Stop Motion?

Stop Motion from Hamdi on Vimeo.

Thanks to all that involve in this video.

Hey, I’ m the camera man. How was it? Need a stop motion video too?

Contact us. Price? Nah, it can be nego huh.

Actually, this is the group assignment for Multimedia Authoring.

So, just take a look with it.


Eyhhhhhh, wait. Need to explain a bit huh? What is Stop Motion? Stop Motion is a video where u do it by snap a picture. In order to do that, we need a lot of photo. How? Haha. Skills, we need skills. Nah, snap a lot of photo to make it moving smoothly. Errkkk, don’t know how to explain. haha.

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  • Piratz November 4, 2009  

    aku download ea video ni.. lambat sangat die load…

  • Hamdi November 4, 2009  

    up to you bro

  • harviML November 5, 2009  

    weiiii i’m the man i’m the star i’m the director i’m the editor except took picture i’m not a camera man!!!! lol

  • Hamdi November 5, 2009  

    aku nak edit, kau sebok nak edit
    FINE! kau director dan porn actor kan???

  • samanosuke_04 November 6, 2009  

    nie macam frame by frame animation kan?

  • Hamdi November 6, 2009  

    boleh dikatakan mcm tuh lar

  • Sabri November 12, 2009  

    erk, heh, tak berapa kemas..
    cube buat satu movie pendek ke.. ni cam takde motif je klip tuh.. ;)

  • Hamdi November 12, 2009  

    ada motif dia
    ini nama dia isi tersirat
    mana boleh tunjuk direct kat orang
    so, kena la bagi orang berfikir skit

  • Sabri November 12, 2009  

    heh, yeke..
    cite r cket pe motif die.. wakaka..
    limkokwing cantik r.. :D

  • Hamdi November 12, 2009  

    sebenarnya nak kena promote products limkokwing
    kedai tuh nama dia ‘Wings Coffee’
    so, kena buat macam showreel la
    then, syarat dia kena buat stop motion video
    ini jelah yang aku mampu fikirkan

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