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TMNet Streamyx vs. P1 Wimax – Part 2

As I said before, I’m not gonna say which one is the best for you guys. Okay, here’s the part 2 of the story where I got this situation. What? Blur of it? Read the Part 1 Story. One Week without Streamyx in Ipoh, at my house only yea. Then, yesterday, I called Streamyx to […]

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TMNet Streamyx vs. P1 Wimax – Part 1

TMNet Streamyx? P1 Wimax? What is the first impression from the picture that you can get? Does it have any meaning to you? You you think it is freaking annoying? Annoying of what? Their services? Their advertisement? Their coverage? Their services? Their name? So, what was the problem? How to solve it? Any solution? TMNet […]

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Blog 1st Anniversary

Feel like yesterday I bought the domain, onehamdi.com. Suddenly, it has been a year with me. The date of creation is July 13, 2008. And now is July 16, 2009.. It’s mean, the age of this blog is 1 Year 3 Days. haha. (terlajak 3 hari la pulak) What should I do after a year […]

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