Anderson 100 Years

Hurm, how to start huh?

Hahaha. Okay. We start with the countdown which is celebrated on the February 7, ’09. I’m not there so, I just received this picture from our beloved friends, Syimir Razak! I’m trying to get more picture for this function! Okay? Just wait and see. Haha

Anderson Band at the stage of Anderson

100 years in cake design

Anderson Badge at the Cake Surface

Selling of 100 Years Goodies


Clock Tower a.k.a the main building

Can see the band perform for the 100 years and the fireworks? Not much to talk about it huh! Just see it? Wanna zoom it? Click the picture.

Next is the Concert? I guess so. My friends call it as Concert Night and the what thinggy? I can’t remember it. haha. February 15, ’09.

Place for the Sultan for the night function!

Cartoon created by Dato' Lat the Malaysian Cartoonist

Clock tower from the night view!~

The Concert

Thanks to Al Yashir for contribute this picture. Heheh. Actually I stole it with his knowledge. But I tell him already about the picture. Hehe. They had a carnival in the morning! Then, at night, a concert with a firework that light up all the night. :D

For more info, just ask me cause I don’t even know what should I write. OKay? Still waiting for the parade picture (Feb 16, ’09)