2010? Good Bye! 2011? Welcome!

We just finished reading book called 2010. Where the last chapter was December and the last page is 31. The routine always the same as usual from year to another year where the named of the chapter still remain the same but the title of the book will totally different.

What’s so special 2010 to me? First of all, everyone should know that was my 2nd year degree where it’s time for student like me to start being a lazy guy while having no problem at all. Okay, start with January. What’s so special January? Had class for PHP programming with all those great friends. That was a great time to know you guys. Who are they? Check it out yea! From January move to February where it’s time to register semester 3. Nah, nothing much happened to me. Okay, I guess nothing else I was doing in 2010. Hahaha. Register semester 4 and it was ended on November 26. Should remember that date cause it should be a date for happy. Haha. Done with it! Ohh yea, I went to Bali for short semester that conduct by Limkokwing Bali. Had 2 modules there for Software Project Management & Knowledge Management. What else on Bali? Yea, Hoobastank. Check it out as well. Ohh yea, a year done with a simple life. Nothing much. Can be story within a paragraph. Ohh yea, I got a simple life for 2010. So yea, good bye 2010! I gonna miss that number, 2010. Hahaha.

Here we are! 2011! A year that should play the most important time in my life and it should be plan nicely. What to focus?

  • Final year for degree (Sem 5 & 6)
  • Major Project 1 & 2
  • Pointer please be above 3.5
  • Left 12 subject and did not have enough time to finish it on time with a free time. Will be hectic life.
  • Business? Domain? Should promote more and do the marketing part as well to attract more client.
  • New business? Look for real business to do.
  • Age getting old by 21. Need more money for myself. I wanna buy Nissan GTR-35. Would my parents buy for me? Of course not. *sigh
  • Graduate will be schedule on December 2011 (please do not change the date. I’m trap over here). Hahaha.
  • Daily blogging? Will try.
  • Lost weight. Diet.

Think, think, think

Think, thinking, and keep thinking. What else you can do when you finish your semester. Think of what? How to survive another year as student? What am I gonna do within a year? What am I gonna be after a year? Am I still human? Partially human, the other half? Mutant? If Mutant, you might be allow to join X-Men. Or maybe I’m still fully human but the way I think not like a human? Okay, can we stop with that Mutant, X-Men, Human? Yes we have to stop.

So, back to our main topic, “think think think”. What do we need think?

  1. Major Project 1 + Major Project 2
  2. How many subjects left for the year of 2011 (11 subjects i guess)
  3. 2 more semester to go (start feel lazy for it)
  4. Plan after 2011? Business? IT? Working? Sleep?

Actually more than this but then, yea, I think should be enough for this list right now. So, what else?

For major project 1, shouldn’t be a problem where we just need to come out with prototype where we done really need to coding everything on that sem (Sem 5) all the coding and the real system must be done on the final sem (Sem 6). Eyhhh, what is major project? Major Project is a project for you to create a system using any programming languages. Shouldn’t be a problem for me but it must be done step-by-step where you need to show the progress to the supervisor. How? I’ll think about it.

Major Project 2? Coding must be done on this semester plus the result or the real interface of the system. Programming? I learned C, C++, Java, HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS. What else? I think that’s the only think that I learned. The problem is, I’m not used to it cause after finish the class, I’m not practicing to those programming language. Okay, that was my mistake. I think I’m still capable to do something that using HTML, PHP, MySQL, and CSS. So, basically with all of this languages that I’m still remember, it will come out with a website. The problem right now is what kind of website am I gonna do? Any idea? Please help me with the idea. I need something simple, not too complex but look awesome!  How? Lets’ think together.

2 semester to go and then, yahoo! A life of degree student will end within a year. Long journey tho. Stop thinking on that. Nothing else?

Once finish, nah, let it finish first. Okay? Nothing is easy then. As long as you know what to do and what you wanna do, then it should be fine for all.