Mobile Number Portability

What is Mobile Number Portability?

Maxis = Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows mobile phone users to switch to Maxis while retaining their existing mobile phone number.

Digi = Mobile Number Portability or MNP is a new government implementation that lets mobile users move from one service provider to another – without losing their number.

Celcom = You have the freedom to choose the service provider of your choice, experience the fastest, undisputed network when you switch over the Celcom.!

Hamdi = Choose whatever you like! Any services provider is meant for everybody. Am I right? Ask the government!

and bla bla bla….

As you can see on the television especially on TV3, the advertising on these stuff has been flood on the tv. Siot je kan. Aku nak tengok iklan lain pun tak der. Asyik iklan nih jer! What can I say here is, the choice is in your hand!

Means that you can choose which company you want to use. For example 012 can use maxis or celcom or digi… So, what are you waiting for???!!!! Change now or you’ll regrets later. Hahax! OR, just remain with the same service provider that you use right now! HahahahahahX!

So, the question of this Mobile Number Portability is :-

  1. Why the government make this changes?
  2. What will happen to services provider? Are they going to be easy to manage all this thing?
  3. Are they going to merge all the services provider to be in the same company like what Celcom did to TMTouch and Maxis with Timecel? Is it?

Anybody go tthe answer, just leave the comment here! Thank you!

the one who want to know about this issues!