Blog 1st Anniversary

Happy Birthday,!

Feel like yesterday I bought the domain, Suddenly, it has been a year with me. The date of creation is July 13, 2008. And now is July 16, 2009.. It’s mean, the age of this blog is 1 Year 3 Days. haha. (terlajak 3 hari la pulak)

What should I do after a year blogging with this lovely domain?

  1. Should I eat and sleep?
  2. Let it go?
  3. Keep blogging with the same domain and hosting?
  4. Get a new domain and hosting?
  5. Stop blogging?
  6. Update it once a year?
  7. Do I need to update like 5 post in an hour?
  8. Throw the ads?
  9. Make my own advertisement company?
  10. Should I die now?

I have been questioning myself. What to do? How to improve? Need a small changes or totally change the blog? Change the design? Change the domain? or should I change the AUTHOR? No way man. I’m the owner of it and I own it!

Who cares about it? Do you? Yes, I do!

Any idea of it? Let me know yea!

New design for OneHamdi

New design? Yea, the design already publish for public viewing only. Not for sharing and I MEAN it. haha.


This is the new design for OneHamdi. So, how was it? Give me a comment. Anyway, I love pink. I’m a pinky boy. Ahaks.

I need a condemn comment yea! Haha.

Thanks to Ikram-Zidane for create this themes for me. Thanks yea! :D

WordPress Theme?

Hey guys out there!
I’m looking for the wordpress designer that can create themes for this blog.
Anyone interested??? I don’t care whether is it free or the paid one. I need it!