Coldplay – Left Right Left Right Left


Nice picture huh? Ahaks. Long time without any updates from me huh? What to do, nothing to update cause a lot of assignment need to be done yea. So, i decide to update the blog at this time (1.20am).

Life getting misserable with assignment and projects. I done with all assignment and project! Eyhh, not all. There is one more assignment need to be done that is the Maths for Computing assignment.

About the project, if you doing the same class or having the same course with me, you will know what to do right? But, for now, I done with 2 projects that is the T-shirt and the egg project which is for creative study subject.

Everybody, just forget about it yea. Okay, in this post I would like to share something with you, my loyal readers. The things happen before I wrote this post. haha. I found that the band that known as Coldplay will give you a chance to download their latest album for free. It’s make me excited cause I really like this band yea.

I think, this is the first band who give us an oppurtunity to download the album. What can I say, I really salute to them! Any band would like to do the same things? I hope there will be a band will give us this oppurtunity. Hehe.

Eyhh, what am I doing? Talk a lot yea? haha. Forgot to give you the link.

Here’s the link,

Just click the link and you just key in your email and your country, then you can download it for free. I repeat back yea, it is for FREE!

Try it now before it gone! haha. daaaa~

Download Part-1

Hello everybody. As you can see the title of this posting, I’m sure that everyone are waiting for the things inside this post. Nowadays, everyone are looking for the latest technology as we in the Age of Technology or Technology Age (macam Ice Age la plak). Here’s I make the list to the software that I’ll share with all of you overhere.

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