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Time flies

The time flies so fast, I mean, so quick. I just realised that we just past few days of February. January gone just like that without anything special happened in that particular month. “Eat, sleep, wake up, work, back, repeat” That’s the quotes in my mind for the past 6 months I guess. What about […]

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No updates?

As usual, no updates at all. DO nothing. Eat nothing. See nothing. Feel nothing. No news. No updates. No and no. Eat and sleep is my favorite. What do I eat? Sedaptak! I guess, I start 2014 with nothing at all. *sad*

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iPhone, February 2010 – January 2011

That’s how it look like. The iPhone that’s belong to me since end of February till last Monday morning, January 10, 2011. Lost it in the morning, 6.30am in front my house after checking my sister’s car radiator. I will always miss you iPhone. Losing an iPhone make me really terribly crazy. To all my […]

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