TMNet Streamyx vs. P1 Wimax – Part 2

As I said before, I’m not gonna say which one is the best for you guys. Okay, here’s the part 2 of the story where I got this situation. What? Blur of it? Read the Part 1 Story.

One Week without Streamyx in Ipoh, at my house only yea. Then, yesterday, I called Streamyx to fix my line. And they able to reset everything and the things was done for a few minutes. That’s not a big deal cause it always happen to me. The things is I need to wait for 15 minutes to download Google Page. Do you know that google page site only have one image, a box, few wordings and the page is fade in?


*Not clear? Go to Google now.

How come this kind of website need 15 minutes to load? Anyone can explain to me? Anyone? Maybe you can explain to me? TMNet person? Technician? Engineer?

Should i cut/cancel the streamyx account? Should I potong?


Next, about the potong ISP

I think wanna change the internet connection to Potong ISP but i saw one thing that make me scared! Check this out.

P1 @ Facebook

*click to enlarge the image

How? Anyone can explain to me? I need internet. What happen to Redesign Malaysia site? Click here to log in to the site. Josh Lim? Any suggestion?

In addition, I heard that Streamyx will stop P2P connection due to high bandwidth and they made the new High Speed Broadband. How? Click here!