Earth Hour!

Earth Hour!

I knew Malaysian will support it!

I would like to say thank for those who really support this campaign especially to:

  1. Khulafa Bistro, Section 7 Shah Alam
  2. Book A-Licious, Section 7 Shah Alam
  3. All house at Jalan Kristal Section 7 Shah Alam
  4. Gas Station, Shell Batu Belah (Shahpadu Road), Klang
  5. All house in Batu Belah, Klang

Why I said it all? I saw it with my eyes. They started close the light since 8.15pm to show their support!

Chinese New Year ’09

I would like to say, Happy Chinese New to all my friends which is a chinese. hehehe

Here’s the video clip that i took in front of my house few minutes ago.

Chinese New Year 2009 from Hamdi on Vimeo.

The video suppose more than 5 minutes. But what happen is we forgot to take it early. Just get the idea after few minutes later.