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Honorary Doctorate of Humanity – Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Tun Dr. Mahathir - credit to Ramy S. Maki.

CYBERJAYA (June 8, 2009) : Former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate of Humanity by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) today as tribute to his vision and achievements in transforming Malaysia during his 22 years of premiership.

“To talk about Tun Dr Mahathir is easy. There is so much that he has done. His footprints are literally everywhere in this country. You will also find his footprints in other countries,” said the university’s founder-president Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Lim Kok Wing at the conferment ceremony.

“But to pay tribute to such an extraordinary person calls for more than an extraordinary effort.”

In crediting Mahathir for being instrumental in the liberalisation of private education, Lim said it was the catalyst that enabled Malaysia to become a regional hub of education, leading to the university becoming a globalised player in tertiary education.

Mahathir was one of three icons conferred with the doctorate by the university. Other recipients were former South African president Nelson Mandela in June 2008 and former Botswana president Dr Festus G. Mogae in February 2008.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak was conferred the Honorary Doctorate of Social Transformation in April 2008.

Credit to TheSun

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Arrival time!

Credited to Ramy S. Maki

Credited to Ramy S. Maki

Credited to Ramy S. Maki

Credited to Ramy S. Maki

Credited to Egisty Renka Razuary

Credited to Hamdi

Credited to Ahmed Y Idries

Credited to Hemant Singh

Credited to Hemant Singh

Hall of Fame!

Credited to Ramy S. Maki

Credited to Ramy S. Maki

Credited to Ramy S. Maki

Credited to Feby Nurlita Sari

Marketing Department Lounge!

Credited to Hemant Singh

Credited to Hemant Singh

Credited to Hemant Singh

Credited to Hemant Singh

Credited to Hemant Singh

Bye bye LUCT!

Credited to Ramy S. Maki

Credited to Ramy S. Maki


Credited to Hamdi

Credited to Hamdi

P/S: Thanks to the photographer.

Hemant Singh, Ahmed Y Idries, Egisty Renka Razuary, Feby Nurlita Sari, Ramy S. Maki

By the way, I just got a chance go upadate the blog due to final exam.

More Assignment!

Assignment, assignment and assignment! Nothing more than that~

List of assignment that need to be submit:-

  • Monday – Need to do the presentation for Law assignment & Submit Maths Tutorial Question
  • Tuesday – Submit Outline for English Presentation (Advertising Presentation)
  • Wednesday – finish up the assignment
  • Thursday – Submit the Multimedia Assignment

As the conclusion, I got no time to update blog

I’m so sorry

Sweet Sour 2008

Sweet sour? Ikan masak sweet sour ka? Ahaks! Sweet sour refers to my life that I have gone through by the year of 2008.



WordPress version 2.3.2 had launched!


Josh Lim, owner of the Advertlets said sorry to all the user of the Advertlest because they ‘forget’ to renew the hosting and the domain. For more information, click here! Next, Datuk Ishak Baharom & Loloq. They left us behind here! Al-Fatihah to them! May the God bless them.


Crazee on guitar.

I’m started learn how to use guitar. But the problem is until right now I can’t play a full song. How? What should I do? Just leave it. Going to learn again and again.


Nothing much happen on March. Hey, who said? On the March 12. ’08, I got the result for the SPM. What a disapointed result. Hahaha. I went to Limkokwing University to register to be one of their student. Yeah, before than, Malaysia had one memory which is the Election Day for Malaysian.


1st of April, I started the first class at the Limkokwing University. I’m doing Foundation in Information Technology. Yusni Jaafar meninggal dunia dan telah kembali kepada PenciptaNya.


Founder of Naza, Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin S.M. Amin died in Los Angeles after losing his fight with lung cancer. He was 53.


Nothing special.


I bought a new domain for this blog that is Was it nice? Of course it is the best domain in the world to mention about hamdi. As you know, OneHamdi – the one and the only Hamdi. Ahaks. Started the Semester 2 for foundation. The important date, July 30! That’s my birthday!


Birthday Card

Birthday Card

Thanks for those who wishes my birthday. 08/08/08?? Wanna know it? Click here!


What happen? I forgot it! Just check it out! Got! Very special! ahaks!

P/S: Here’s the clip for the drama by the title of Pertama Ramadan. You guys can see me on the third minutes. (betul ke apa yang aku merepek nih? kira dalam minit ke 3 lar ekk)… Check it out man! Sayonara!!


Kuih Raya Food for Raya

Mobile Number Portability

Raya time! Then, the wordpress getting better with the version 2.6.3. Next, the mobile number portability.


Tiles for my room Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition

My hostel with new tiles. The best part for this month is the uBuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition. This uBuntu i got for free and they send the installer to me and it is for FREE. I repeat back, it is for FREE!


Screenshot of Program Level One ADSL2+ Modem Router Wireless G

Getting lazy and lazy to update blog. Why? I don’t have the answer right now! Need to finish up my assignment! Wasting my money to get the new keyboard, router modem and new version of the antivirus. Tuanku Jaafar mangkat dan meninggalkan jasa yang banyak kepada rakyat jelatanya.

December 31, ’08 (before 11.59:59pm)

I would like to wish you, Happy New Year!

Hamdi – the one and the only Hamdi

Hostel with a new tiles

This is the brand new look for my room at the on campus hostel Limkokwing (LUCT). Hehe.. Nothing much that I can say for this post. Ahaks! Then, I registered my Semester 3. Yeah, what a nonsense subject that I’m going to learn…

Noooooooo……. The subjects that going to make me crazy is  :

  • English & Critical Thinking
  • Principles of Law
  • Mathematics II
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Multimedia

Crazy, crazy and crazy

the one who going to be crazy!

Limkokwing Entrepreneurs Club

Sorry for not updating the blog. For the mean time, I quite busy with my assignment and the quiz. What can I say, bye bye to blog. Wahaha. So, on the August 18, 2008, Limkokwing has a new club which is known as Limkokwing Entrepreneurs Club that is a club for students that belongs to Faculty of Business Management and Globalization (FBMG), Faculty of Information Communication Technology (FICT) and Faculty of Communication, Media & Broadcasting (FCMB). What else about this club? Hurm, aaaa… I’m not sure about it. What I know is we need to wear formal every Monday until die. Tomorrow never die boss! Wahahahaha…

2 days (Foundation Sem 2)

As you know, my class is started yesterday that is Monday. What happened on Monday? Like usual. I got class with Miss Janet that is Fundamental of Internet Technology and Principles of Economics with Miss Faizah. Nothing happened to much cause the lecturer just brief the course and give us the module outline. Today I got class with Miss Noris, lecturer for Principles of Programming Logic  & Design. That’s the things. Nothing else. What a bored life. Hopefully I can scored all those subject. I like with Internet Technology subejct. Feels like easy to me. The best things here is i need to do the website as the assignment for internet technology. Yahoo!!! Can I do it?

LUCT? I’m home!!!

Yeah men, I’m home with highly expectation and desperate to pass all my subjects that I took for my 1st semester. At last, I passed it… Hahahahaha. The best things is I need to start my life as a student starting by next week Monday. The subjects that going to make me crazy is  :

  • English & Study Skills
  • Principles of Economics
  • Fundamental of Statistic
  • Fundamental of Internet Technology
  • Principles of Programming Logic & Design

The important things is hopefully the God give me the strength to study until my last breath. (Ayat poyo giler ah) and pass it with high and get the highest mark in the class and the faculty. Haha..

The real intention to write this blog is to tell you about the day of registering the next semester that is 2nd semester but suddenly I was drag the topic to something that I have to do it for my future. What the heck is it? What can I say here is just chill with it and enjoy the day until you need to stop it.

I happened 2 days ago.

I register at the bursery with the year leader that is Miss Janet. Everything going smoothly. Just for the FICT and FBMG. Nothing else. Btw, I’m going to miss my friends that taking business class cause we will having a different class. OMG, how’s my life without them?