Boss Babi?

Boss? Surely you now Boss is founded by Hugo Boss which is really famous brand for bag, perfumes and so on. Could you imagine again, if the brand is change to something that sounds weird? Boss Babi? Babi? In Malay language (Malaysia), babi means pig. Pig is really pig. Haha.

This brand name of Boss Babi is found in China’s departmental stores. I’m not sure whether this brand is the sub company for Hugo Boss. Need to be check!

Boss Babi

As you can see, pig is strictly not allowed to Muslim. It could be this brand is not for Muslim / Islam.

Be careful when you purchase this as a present for your lady boss as you wouldn’t want to insult her with brand name of Boss Babi = Pig Boss!

This Boss Babi brand is owned by Guangzhou Lankai Leather Development Co Ltd and they produced various types of high end leather goods. If you are interested to market their goods, give them a call as they are looking for joint-venture partners. But I think this products won’t make it in Malaysia and Indonesia for sure.

P/S: If you hate your boss, I with my full heart would like to suggest you, buy this brand for your boss and make it as a present. Haha. Boss Babi!