PHP 5 Training

Yosh, we are back with the latest equation that is bored + crazy = x². haha. Nah, please ignore that. Few bloggers keep remind me to update this blog and in the same times, I was wondering, what should I share with you guys for this post? Life as a student? Life when get long holidays? Life when get free short-course? Syiok ohh.

Okay, now I would like to say about life as a student. Yeah, it is totally nothing cause I’m having holidays right now and yeah, I guess I cover the story for the life when get long holidays yea. Hahaha. Life when get free short-course? Yeap 6th – 22nd January 2010. I went for a  short-course by Iverson Associates Sdn. Bhd. It is a training company but the most thanks is to MDEC Malaysia for paying the fees. Hehe. Awesome tho!

Alamak, we forgot to snap any picture in the first week but what we have here is the final week or the project week picture. Briefly, we need to do a website where having the client site and the admin site. Hoho. Lots of us do the shopping cart system. Some of us do the game where I think the most suitable name for it is the text game. What is it? Please visit the site! The other one is the student portal system. Awesome huh?

Azrul and Ahmad doing the project!

Team work is really important!

Everybody rushing finish up the work within 4 days

There you are, Hamdi the traitor! Haha. Not a traitor, but share the knowledge with others. Sharing is caring!

Here we come to the best part, where we had the presentation!

1st group

2nd group

3rd group

4th group

5th group

Only this? Yeah, of course not! Here’s some great picture where the student listen to the instructor!  Haha.

Lastly, the group photo!

Stand from left: Erwin, Alex, Khairi, Ahmad, Heng, Dino, Azrul, Hamdi, Khoo, Plenty, Yang, Nash, Prasanna, Salma, Muzakir, Zarief
Front from left: Tiki Shabudin (sifoo), Au, Syazwan

Candid photo!