18th birthday?

Birthday Card

On the July 30, 1990, there is a cute little boy that born to the world that is colorful. It was 9.54 am. That cute baby is me. Who? Me? Hamdi the cute boy. Wakakakaka…! Okay guys, I really sorry for not writing about my birthday. What can I say here is please remember the date that is july 30… As you can see, the card is the one that I received from my beloved sister, Adrina. 

As you know, I want my birthday present but no one give me the birthday present. Huwaaaa :”(… What a sad day. 

So many of my friends that wish me thorugh SMS, MMS, e-mail, myspace, friendster and face to face (not a social networking). Such as :

Before the birthday (before July 30)

On the day (July 30)

After the birthday (july 30 onwards)

P/S : Btw, no one give me present right? So, please do so before I’m crying until Cyberjaya gone. Please…