Creative Studies

Haha. There is no suitable intro for this post. So, I would like to start this post by laughing. Can I do that? Who cares huh. It’s my blog and I paid for it and you? YOU! I know that you’re my loyal customer. Hehe. Okay, before we start anything, I would like to share one song for you. I know that this song is an old song but I love it. It’s re-brand by Jennifer Lopez. The real singer is Diana Ross. Do you know what song is it?

So, this it song was sing by Jennifer Lopez and the song title is Do you know where you going to.

That’s the story for the song but not for the post. hahaha

The story start here where I have to take this subject for this Semester. Aiyark, Sem 1 Degree really a hectic sem for me.

Okay, about this subject that we called it as Creative Studies. We need to do the project so that we can scored a better marks because this subject no exam at all. I love it yea! So, the lecturer, Mr. Vincent Wee, ask us to do the project that is create a creative t-shirt and create a creative egg packaging.

First thing that came out from my head is I’m doing Business Information Technology not Fashion Design. What should I do so that makes me think like Fashion student? Nothing huh? Hahah. Check it out!

Here’s the screen shot for the t-shirt design.


Close View

How was it? Nice huh?I’m loving it. Haha. It is a normal shirt. Actually it is a black shirt and we cut the shirt like hole. Inside the shirt we put the Malaysian Traditional Cloth that is Kain Batik. With that Kain Batik, it make the design just like the butterfly. Then, we used the beads to decorate the shirt so that it not look simple. Am I creative? Yeah! haha. Thanks to Mr. Pooventhiran cause help me to finish up this shirt.

P/s: If you can to design your shirt like this, you can call me and I can contact Mr. Pooventhiran.!

About the egg project? Naaaa. I broke the egg. haha. But there is one packaging that cannot broke the egg. Wanna see it?

Egg Packaging

This is the egg packaging. Could you imagine, we throw it from level 3 to ground floor and it’s not broken. Can’t you believe it? Believe it or not. Haha.

I think that’s all for now. I’m out of idea.