Need Streamyx?




Which one do think should be the famous ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Malaysia? Streamyx or Screamyx? TMNet or TMNut? Choose one guys, just choose one. Haha. I’m just wanna say that I’m not really satisfied with their service at the TM Clicks (the shop).

It’s happened yesterday at the TM Shop at Klang (near to the Klang Parade). I went there for second time already. I feel unsatisfied at the guy you entertain me on the first time. The story started , when I went there last  Tuesday (December 16, ’08). I went there to register TMNet Streamyx for my house in Klang. Then, I submitted to that guy. He just said that they (TMNet) cannot give me the modem cause they don’t have it right now and I have to wait until they phone me and they gonna activate the account within 3 days. After that, I  went there again yesterday to ask back what happen to my account. The answer still the same, the modem hasn’t arrive yet and I need to wait and wait again until they have a money to buy it. What a lousy company? I can’t even get the modem for their customer. It’s gonna make me angry when that guy told me if need it fast, they will send the technician to my house and I need to pay extra RM88 for that technician. WTH?

Now, I need to wait, wait and wait again for that Streamyx Account. To whom it may concern, I want a Streamyx Account for my house. I just need the access login cause I have my own modem.