Fareez Zen? Tak Pernah Bersatu?

These few days I saw few of my friends like a page in Facebook. Which page?

Fareez Zen! New single, Tak Pernah Bersatu! It has been my new playlist for daily listening.



Lend me your ears. I bet this song is quite nice.

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TMNet Streamyx vs. P1 Wimax – Part 2

As I said before, I’m not gonna say which one is the best for you guys. Okay, here’s the part 2 of the story where I got this situation. What? Blur of it? Read the Part 1 Story.

One Week without Streamyx in Ipoh, at my house only yea. Then, yesterday, I called Streamyx to fix my line. And they able to reset everything and the things was done for a few minutes. That’s not a big deal cause it always happen to me. The things is I need to wait for 15 minutes to download Google Page. Do you know that google page site only have one image, a box, few wordings and the page is fade in?


*Not clear? Go to Google now.

How come this kind of website need 15 minutes to load? Anyone can explain to me? Anyone? Maybe you can explain to me? TMNet person? Technician? Engineer?

Should i cut/cancel the streamyx account? Should I potong?


Next, about the potong ISP

I think wanna change the internet connection to Potong ISP but i saw one thing that make me scared! Check this out.

P1 @ Facebook

*click to enlarge the image

How? Anyone can explain to me? I need internet. What happen to Redesign Malaysia site? Click here to log in to the site. Josh Lim? Any suggestion?

In addition, I heard that Streamyx will stop P2P connection due to high bandwidth and they made the new High Speed Broadband. How? Click here!

TMNet Streamyx vs. P1 Wimax – Part 1

TMNet Streamyx vs P1 Wimax

TMNet Streamyx? P1 Wimax?

What is the first impression from the picture that you can get? Does it have any meaning to you? You you think it is freaking annoying? Annoying of what? Their services? Their advertisement? Their coverage? Their services? Their name? So, what was the problem? How to solve it? Any solution?

TMNet Streamyx

TMNet Streamyx

As you can see, Streamyx is the product that belong to TMNet where it is one of the internet giant in Malaysia. Streamyx is basically provide the services where it is a wired connection. I briefly a bit on it. It is a connection that connect the internet from the phone line go to modem and from the modem it will be connected to the computer. How? It is depend on the modem itself. Nowadays, there is a lot of modem that we can use for different types of connection. There is a modem that use for dial-up. Btw, Streamyx is broadband services. So, we use the broadband modem.

Coverage? Normally, Streamyx will cover all the place that is 7km from the city (that was their statement long time  ago) and now I think they will cover all over the place. That’s what I knew about it. Then, the services was good before until before. Haha. Before until before? How? It was good before but now still okay with it. As I said, it depends on place. Some place will have a good services.

P1 Wimax


A brand that know as the “Potong” or cut. What they want to cut? Cut the wire, chop all the wired internet. Emerging of the technology into a new life with the wireless technology. Wireless Internet? It is totally different far from Streamyx where Streamyx are using the telephone line and the modem. But this Wimax or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, using the microwave technology not microwave oven yea. haha.

It is not fully covered as it is a new product in Malaysia. From what I heard, it is not really stable and again it is depend on place. Some place will get fully covered and highspeed connection and vice versa. Services? I heard that we can connect and talk to their CEO through twitter. Errkkk, what is twitter? Go and find it.


According to tv ads, billboard ads, newspaper ads, or even inside the internet, they having their own ads. What does the ads mean to the company? to the user? to us? or even to you? To the company, it just a picture and wordings that promote their product in order to attract their customer or client to use their product. In addition, if they have any competitor, they try to compete them in various way.

For this situation, both of this company have their own ads where the ads is actually condemned each other. Why?

P1 Wimax

Wimax started the war with the Streamyx  and finally streamyx did something where it is more ….. more ….. and more ….

What do you think? Cool? Creative? For me, it is good but they trying to say to all that the competitor is sucks. Can it be done in such a way? I don’t know.

Let’s think about it. What should we use. I’m not promoting each other but I wanna tell you that high-end ads won’t affect anything but it will give an effect to the user and the company.

Future (2010):-

  • P1 Wimax will have fully 4G connection
  • TMNet Streamyx will have the 10mbps connection

I think, that’s all for now. Eyyhhh, I need the feedback of it.

P/s: Even if you can create a nice ads but the services sucks, will it attract the user? Think about it.

Ducati Multistrada 1100 Termignoni

Wow, Hamdi being crazy by today because in a day he wrote up to 4 post.  Crazy or crazee? Am I gila? haha.

As you can see before, we got a gossip that the Malaysian Police but Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10. but, they officially announced yesterday about it.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10

Here’s the picture of the evo. I got the latest from my friends which is say that Malaysian Police going to buy Ducati for their traffic.

Was it true?

Check this video!