Talentime the movie

Finally, the talentime available for public viewing! It’s out by today! Go and get it before you late!

I miss this place. I knew it. It’s in the main building of Anderson School. It’s my school. Anyway, all the picture are credit to the lovely director, Yamin Ahmad!

P/S: I love the Pamela Chong. She look gorgeous in the movie yea! :D, anyone got the contact number? i want it. hehe!

For more info, please visit:

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  • aHBeN HaShRiQ March 26, 2009  

    prod ak seh..
    yasmin ahmad buat film at our skool..
    slmt ak da jd old boy je..
    klu x msty ak turut berlakon sbgai pengawas yg pling “hamcat” mse batch kite.
    hahaha =P
    mane x nye kantoi ngn charles mse ngn mrokok dlm jambn tingkt 1 blok kite..

  • Hamdi March 26, 2009  

    ngaku pun
    tuh la ko
    apa nak jadi
    muda muda lagi dah isap rokok
    nanti sakit sapa susah? aku jugak susah
    menyusahkan aku

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